‘Daybreakers’ – A Vampire Movie I…Actually Want to See?


With the recent flood of vampire everything plaguing popular culture to the point of overdose, I was surprised this weekend when I went to go see Pandorum (review forthcoming) and actually got excited for Daybreakers, yet another vampire flick.

But it’s different. The world is almost ALL vampires, as all humans have been slaughtered or turned. Only problem is, once the humans run out, so does the blood, and therefore, so do the vampires. It looks like Gattaca meets Dracula, and not just because Ethan Hawke is in it. And the song they pick for the end of the trailer is just absolutely sublime. A good trailer song can get me pumped for any movie.


  1. Josh September 27, 2009
  2. Lauren September 29, 2009

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