A Video Tribute to the Legendary Danny Trejo


Danny Trejo is the man.  A lot of actors play tough guys, but Danny Trejo is about as real as they come.  Trejo – a cousin of Robert Rodriguez – didn’t go to acting classes or partake in theater as a kid.  Instead, he ran the streets, boxed, was addicted to drugs, and found himself in and out of California prisons, including the notorious San Quentin State Prison.  Danny has since gotten his life together and is set to star in the upcoming action flick Machete.  He’s truly grateful for his second chance at life, and he seems incredibly humble and down-to-earth as a result of his experiences.  They don’t make them much tougher – or cooler – than Danny Trejo.  Check out 10 video clips of the man below, from fights to hanging with fans to goofing around on movie sets to sketch comedy shorts.  Trejo rules.

Sex and the Pen:


Fighting Mickey Rourke in Point Blank:


The Machete Trailer from Grindhouse:


Wishing Robert Rodriguez Happy Birthday on the set of From Dusk Till Dawn:


Trejo has more street cred than any actor, ever:


Getting a police escort, signing a motorcycle, and walking like a bad ass:


Interacting with fans:


Talking about working with Johnny Depp:


Getting disrespected and blown up by Charles Bronson:


I Dream of Danny – Winner of the 1st Annual East Oltorf International Danny Trejo One Hour Film Race



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