Dancing Han Solo Makes My Soul Cry


As if you needed another reason to lose faith in Star Wars, here comes a kinect variant of the series. What was thought to be a perfect avenue for you to demonstrate your fake lightsaber swinging skills actually has a dance portion to it. Why? Well, people have figured out that dance games are really the only ones anyone likes on Kinect, so naturally we can shoehorn in one to Star Wars in a way that makes sense, right?

Wrong. This might be the single most offensive video to geeks I’ve ever seen. Not only is Han Solo dancing, but he’s doing so to a rewrite of a Jason Derulo song. “Ridin’ Solo” becomes “I’m Han Solo,” and the rest of the lyrics are changed to encompass space princesses and Jabba the Hutt.

It’s just so unspeakably sad. I want to laugh, but I’m just in mourning for what’s happened to Star Wars.


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