I’ll be honest, I sort of stopped being super excited for The Wolverine when Darren Aronofsky left the project last year. It went from one of my most anticipated films to one I was just sort of “whatever” about. Sure, James Mangold is alright. Walk the Line and Girl, Interrupted were good. But more recently he was responsible for the atrocity of Knight and Day, and it goes without saying that it’s just not going to be anywhere close to the same film without Aronofsky.

That said, this is a super fly picture of Wolverine in a suit in Japan. That much can’t be disputed. If there’s a fight scene where he’s clawing people in a suit, I’m on board. Oh, what I would do for an R-rated Wolverine movie, but sadly I can’t see it ever being so.

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  1. TotesMcGotes January 29, 2013

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