Crappy Must See Movie Recommendation of the Week: Crossroads

For the love of God if you are an avid reader of the site please don’t even think I’d EVER recommend a Britney Spears movie!  I think you guys should know me a bit better by now.   No this Crossroads comes in the form of Ralph Macchio as a guitar player trying to find his “soul” or something like that.

Here’s a fun little synopsis.   “Ralph Macchio is Lightning Boy. A kid who can make a slide guitar sing.   Blind Dog is an old pro who knows it. Together, they’re headed to a place where deals are made. And legends are born.”

And that place is the Devil!  Yes sir.  It’s to Devil Country.  And you won’t believe the awesome show down at the end.   Steve Vai is of course the devil.   The movie is pretty fun to watch.  I must admit.

Plus Jamie Gertz is in it!  Trailer after the jump….


Woohoo!  Come on now.   You have to see this.


  • KnowItAll

    I LOVED this movie as a kid! Also, somehow I saw this before Karate Kid, so to me Ralph Macchio is the kid from crossroads and the guy from Beer League. And Steve Vai kills the final scene.

  • SeanP

    when i saw the Crossroads, i thought it was Crossworlds with Rutger Hauer. As we all know is a great crappy movie

  • MajorTool

    I’ve tried before but now I’m actually going to ask… I’ve wanted to submit ideas/content before… but have not found a way to email either Paul or Nate.
    So how do we contact you?

  • No Way

    I have seen this movie, and specifically the end of this movie more than any other film… it’s a really odd family tradition to have it on at holidays.

  • No Way

    PS – Vai isn’t the devil. He’s just Jack Butler, who plays guitar FOR the devil… duh.

  • Gian

    I taped this on VHS and watched it like every week when I was a kid. I then tried (unsuccesfully) to learn Paganini’s caprice no.5 as played by Ralph Macchio at the end (actually it’s played by guitar legend Ry Cooder)… Hmm I think I’ll try to learn it again 🙂

  • james

    Love this flick! Had trouble finding the soundtrack though 🙁

  • It’s a nice Movie and makes a lot of difference.

  • nothing7718

    I love this movie. But, Steve Vai is not the Devil. He is the Devil’s “guitar lackey”. The black guy on the left in the picture above is the devil.