Making Crappy Movie Posters Out of Good Movies

We as moviegoers kind of know when a great movie is coming out.   The movie is usually hyped like crazy, it gets good ratings and there’s just an overall buzz that it’s going to be an exciting movie to watch.  By no means does it guarantee the film will be enjoyed by everyone but I think you understand what I mean.

And in most cases the promotional materials that accompany the marketing of said picture tend to be pretty attractive.   The one we’ll be focusing on today is the movie poster.

What if the movie posters of great movies weren’t so great?  In fact what if they were turned into pieces of crap?   The gallery proceeding the jump will show you just what I mean…..

Thanks to the forum members at Something Awful for these.

  • Steve

    The Taxi Driver one is beyond messed up, I love it!! American Psycho, Goodfellas, and Avatar are great as well.

  • Lt. Brannigan

    That Star Wars one makes me think that I am about to watch a goofy costume convention set at a disco.