Cosplay of the Day: The Best Lokis are Always Girls

Loki 5

Thor: The Dark World has brought out a resurgence of love for Loki, and you know what that means. Cosplay! It should come as no surprise that most of the best Loki cosplayers are women, with that silky long hair, those dreamy eyes and that svelte physique.

One such woman is Abessinier, a girl with a pretty badass Loki impersonation. Unlike past costumes, she’s actually doing the Thor 2 version where Loki has a metal gag on in some of the photos. You know, so he can’t charm you into letting him go.

Check out the full gallery below. Fun fact: Female Thor cosplay is also fantastic. All that beautiful long hair on Asgard…

Loki 6

Loki 4

Loki 3

Loki 2

Loki 1

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