Cosplay of the Day: Silk Spectre the Second


Russian cosplayer Hannuki appears to be born to play Watchmen’s Silk Spectre, and I’d argue she even looks more the part than Malin Akerman did in Zack Snyder’s movie.

I watched Watchmen the other day (no pun intended), and that really was a well made movie. It didn’t at all need to exist nor did it add anything to the comic other than a slightly less bonkers ending, but it really was a visually fantastic adaptation.

Anyway, a few more shots below:



  • David R

    Mhmm. It’s genuinely ambitious, too… probably not the audience-friendly megahit I assume the studio thought they were getting when the director of 300 signed on to adapt one of the most famous comic books ever. Snyder will always have at least a bit of respect for using his success cred so well.

  • That looks better than the movie version.