And to answer your question, yes Commando, Alien and Rambo ALL came out before Contra did, so the box art team clearly had a bit of plagiarism going on there. Schwarzenegger could be a goddamn tracing! Good thing they added that headband, or else they might have actually had to have paid royalties!

Anyway, all the movies are awesome and the game is awesome, so I won’t hold it against anyone.

  • sylkmatic

    Youre late it is faily known that Arnold and Stallone were the inspiration for the cover art…hell I even think the heads of konami said it. Just like konami used the hero from terminator as the model for Metal Gear.

  • Lagrange

    I was going to comment on the Metal Gear Cover too 😀

  • Madison

    @ sylkmatic

    Yeah, but no one’s ever shown the precise images that were used as the inspiration.

  • JZ

    Agree on the common knowledge but the Gif is sweet.

  • JZ
  • Michael Biehn…….is there anything he can’t do?

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  • jim richardson

    Just to let everyone know my friend larry mosby was the model on the front cover of the video game contra. They also had a cartoon magazine featuring the game with the original people in real life on the back promoting the game. The photo shoot was done in chicago il. Larry was also the model that posed for duke nuke em you can google larry mosby he was a professional body builder at the time of both these shoots