5 Comedy Sequels That Could Work


In today’s crazy movie world we’re just not going to get around the fact that studios will be remaking movies again and again.  It’s something all three of us here at Unreality are kind of pissed about but realize that “it’s just the way things are.”  So while one out of maybe 25 of these things might be decent it’s time we put out some of our own ideas.

Hopefully the studios will be reading.   I’ve taken it upon myself to come up with five comedy sequels that could be pulled off if done right.  Let me stress if done right.

I want to also preface this by saying I think these movies have the least chance of being screwed up, simply because if you nearly replicate the originals it would be tough not to laugh.

Here are 5 comedy sequels that could work

Borat Takes on Iran


Bruno was funny but let’s face it, it pretty much sucked compared to Borat.  Why not just take Borat and have him go on another country tour?  Given our increasing tension with Iran I think it would be hilarious.  And let’s face it, there are still plenty of people out there who would get suckered by Cohen.  And if not suckered, staged would still be fine.

Top Secret:  Lost Jungle

Top Secret

I’m not quite sure if Val Kilmer would make sense for this role but something in the Top Secret genre in modern day has loads of possibilities.  And you know who might be good to star in this?  Chris Evans.  Ever since I saw him in Not Another Teen Movie he’s got funny leading comedy male role movie qualities.    Get a stupid plot together, slapstick comedy and some decent lines and you might have something.

Stir Crazier


Stir Crazy is one of the funniest movies I can recall made in the 80s.  The pairing of Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor was a sure win.  I’m not sure if anything could be made better than the first but I think something of an offspring of these two having a similar problem might actually be decent.  Prison is always funny and if you get the right pairing, like Dave Chapelle and some funny zany white guy you might have a product on your hands.

Half Baked:  Roll a Joint

Half Baked

Look, if there’s a stoner movie that could work it’s obviously Half Baked.  Take out Jim Breuer and I think it would automatically be funnier than the first one.

Meatballs Part 79


If you take the Judd Apatow and Todd Phillips crews to put together an incredibly wild summer camp movie,  I don’t think there’s a way to fail.


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