Close Enough

As I attempt to plan a trip to Comic Con this upcoming summer, I’ve been wondering about what I might wear to such an event. Options range from a simple geek T-shirt to a full-fledged costume I’d likely have to ship in its own suitcase.

Or, following this guy’s lead, I could just craft one once I got there. You may laugh, but for clearly assembling something in under five minutes using material purchased at a dollar store, it’s not bad. And it’s actually in the “so bad it’s good” ┬ámeta category that could have made him a hit at whatever convention he’s attending.

I’d love it if it actually turned out to be this guy underneath, wanting to feel what it’s like to be laughed at instead of revered.


  1. Ugo Strange January 11, 2012
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  3. Heath January 12, 2012

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