Classic Movies Shot Vertically is the Worst Thing Ever

Vertical video is the scourge of YouTube as we all know, but what if the horrifyingly terrible format was used for film as well? Someone got the awful idea to see what that might look like, and you can check it out in the video above.

It’s a series of classic movies crapped vertically. That was a typo, but “crapped” is surprisingly accurate, so I’m leaving it.

Someday, everything will be shot vertically and we’ll all be going to vertical movie theaters and this post will look silly.

  • Cole Bouchard

    Horrifying concept. I’m nitpicking here but Iron Man and The Fast & the Furious is not what I’d consider “classic”. There’s probably one or two more that shouldn’t qualify but I checked out at the point Iron Man landed.

    You know what would be cool? If the maker of the supercut made one that is just epic action movies (since those are the ones that would really be affected in scope and scale) like LotR, The Matrix, Avatar and The Avengers. And then just keep doing different genres until he found one that either was affected very little, or perhaps improved.

    Hint: A lot of slasher films would be improved.

  • Baldur

    Actually funny, to think that the first “try-outs” of “widescreen” were actually show vertically and then flipped so it would be “wider” =)