Christopher Walken: Seven Moments from The Early Years


Of all the actors out there in Hollywood, Christopher Walken still remains near the top of my list.  It’s actually hard to pinpoint what it is about him that’s so appealing but I think it’s the fact that if a psychopath were allowed into Hollywood, Christopher Walken is what you’d have.  I mean no other actor has his strange,  morbid, eerie, yet hilarious way.  It’s safe to say there are no others out there like him.

And generally when our generation thinks about a guy like him we’re referencing stuff like Pulp Fiction or even a Fat Boy Slim video or his appearances on Saturday Night Live.  Let’s not forget this guy was a serious actor some time ago.   But even back then you could see his awkward creepy ways.

I’ve chosen eight videos/pics pre-1980 that show Walken as a young man which I think you’ll enjoy

Amazingly  – Most of these clips do not exist anymore so I’ve uploaded pics.

Hawaii Five-O – 1970


If you guys can find me the clip again I’ll be eternally grateful.  It was easily the most cheesy lines I’ve ever seen.

Naked City – 1963


It’s just weird seeing him as like this innocent blond kid.

KOJAK – 1977

httpv:// at those teeth!

Next Stop Greenwich Village – 1976

Next Stop

Eh, he didn’t seem to have too much of an impact on this one.  It’s still him tough, which is good enough.

Annie Hall – 1977


This is one of my favorite scenes in any movie ever.

The Sentinel – 1977


I can’t help but to think of him on Saturday Night Live and at any moment he’ll be funny.

The Deer Hunter – 1978


One of the craziest scenes in cinematic history.  Robert De Niro actually used bullets in this scene (blanks but still).

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