Chris Nolan’s Inception Gets a Cast


It’s hard to express how excited I am for Inception, despite it having only a four person cast and a one sentence plot description. Maybe it’s because Nolan has directed three movies in my top ten, or maybe it’s because I’m just sick of hearing about Batman 3 (Dark Knight 2?) speculation.

The latest news from the project is that Nolan is talking to Ellen Page (Juno McGuff), Marion Cotillard (the chick who won Best Actress that no one had ever heard of) and Cillian Murphy (the Scarecrow/the half-bald sprinting dude from 28 Days Later). They join already announced Leonardo DiCaprio (the sinking boat dude) in the film, which is planning on a summer 2010 release.

And what’s that one sentence description again?

“A contemporary sci-fi actioner set within the architecture of the mind.”

There it is. God I hope it’s like The Cell.

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