Character Triumph in Star Wars

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Ever wonder why we like the original Star Wars trilogy so much? It’s because of how smartly the story unfolded. A New Hope is a self-contained work of genius, but the way the last two films connected really drove things home for the trilogy.

Almost every character was left in a state of chaos, as seen above, and the last film was all about redemption. Compare this to Revenge of the Sith where everything just went to shit, and we knew how it all ended. It wasn’t even close!

Man, someone make a good Star Wars movie again, please.

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  • Schiapu

    Episode III ended the way it should have, with everybody dead and the galaxy in ruins after the clone wars.

    It was the really bad acting from Hayden Christensen that put those movies into oblivion (He’s the main character in Star Wars, and not for a minute seems more badass than an average joe, which is bad. Even Jake Lloyd was more badass)

  • God this made me giggle, like a girl, which i am, but more like a girly girl that giggles, not a rapidly decrepiting woman that snorts when she laughs,

    and to make it worse? I don’t think 1-3 was bad, JarJar has even grown on me…careful of old age, it makes your thinking wonky

  • lonely -> popular is just a frown turned upside down! hahaha

  • these brilliant reviews dissect exactly why the prequels are so utterly fecal, while being more entertaining than the films they review…

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