Celebrity Name Anagrams are Hilarious, Bizarre, Accurate

I have an archive of “crap I should write about later” that sometimes gets overlooked as time goes by. I’ve had this thread sitting in there for quite some time, and you know what, it’s a damn good one.

As it turns out, certain celebrities,when you rearrange the letters in their names it can say something about them. It’s either accurate, in Clint’s case above, or just flat out hilarious (see below).

I’ve made a whole bunch of these in image form for your viewing pleasure, and you should check out the full gallery below.

  • DocDoom

    Jeremy Irons: Jeremy’s…iron

  • JB

    Ahh you beat me to it DocDoom!!! lol. Classic simpsons.

  • Harry Mandangus


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  • tom

    Would Paris Hilton not work better as ‘Harlot in spin’?

  • Bob

    The one about Alec Guiness here doesn’t work. There’s only one “n” in his name, and two in Genuine Class. So, I hereby call shenanigans on all of these.

  • elisamaza

    Actually, there are two n’s in Sir Alec’s last name — I presume that’s a typo up there.

    There is, however, only one n in “Paris Hilton,” making both “Harlton, I spin” and “Harlot in spin” incorrect.

  • carrie

    ethical brains = Christian Bale

  • Absurdist

    Where’s that AWESOME Kirsten Dunst one?

  • Torquil Colbo

    Rick Astley = Tickly Arse.