10 More Great Celebrity Audition Tapes


We’ve brought you some pretty cool celebrity audition tapes in the past.  It’s always fun watching actors trying to nail a role or a part on a show back when they were virtual unknowns.  You can see how far they’ve come, and often, it seems as though they were born for the role for which they’re auditioning.  For me, the most appealing thing about an old audition tape is seeing how vulnerable an established actor was back when his or her career was on the line.

After the jump, enjoy 10 more great celebrity audition tapes.

Phil Hartman for Saturday Night Live:


Hartman was a born entertained and a true talent.  R.I.P.

Dana Carvey for Saturday Night Live:


Interesting that both he and Hartman decided to imitate Robin Leach.

John Belushi for Saturday Night Live:


One of the all-time greats.  Belushi’s Brando is incredible, but check out the look he gives the camera at 2:21.  That alone should have gotten him the job.

Evangeline Lilly for Lost:


It’s tough to imagine someone else in this role.

Henry Thomas for E.T.:


Not only was Henry Thomas adorable, he was a terrific actor.  Very convincing in this audition tape.

Alyson Hannigan for American Pie:


I don’t think too many girls talk about sticking flutes in their vaginas during auditions.

Kristen Bell for Forgetting Sarah Marshall:


A great choice for a hilarious movie.

Kaitlin Olson for It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia:


I’m a huge Always Sunny fan, and Olson is hysterical.  The fact that she’s cute – at best – and not hot makes her much more believable in the role of Dee, a total loser of a girl.

Rachel McAdams for The Notebook:


Oh man.  How do you not adore Rachel McAdams?

Fred Savage for the spokesperson for the Brookfield Square Mall:


Even before The Wonder Years and Little Monsters, Fred Savage was trying to break into the entertainment business.  His parents must have known they had an adorable, talented kid.


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