Can You Name All These Movie Bad Guys? Cause I Can’t

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Test your movie knowledge by gazing upon Robert Ball‘s illustration of 50 notorious movie bad guys in stylized form. I got up to about two thirds of them before tehy started getting pretty tricky, but I have a hunch that a few of you can get all fifty if you really tried.

For those of us who are struggling, there’s also a handy cheat sheet available below so you can sort out all the ones you missed. But you want to go all iron man about it, skip that image and just trying to figure them out on your own.

Any big figures you think should have been included here that are missing? I’ve got to go with Scar from The Lion King. I had nightmares about him as a kid for months after that movie.

  • MajorTool


  • EJ

    Its Lo Pan! lol Two girls with greens eyes! What does it mean? Dude was creeeeeeepy!

    I got about 75% without cheating.

  • Grant

    I could name a lot of the movies that these were in, but not the character names themselves.

  • vincent_D

    these loik like masks link could wear

  • E

    got all but 3. i think i deserve a cookie.

  • Matty

    Lord Voldemort… as if he wasn’t one of the images :S

  • Robb

    Lo Pan, Maximillian, and Darkness were awesome to see. Vader too but of course he’d make the cut. Agree about Voldemort and what about Evil Ash?

  • I got more then half of them =D