Five More Brokeback Spoof Trailers

The movie Brokeback Mountain hasn’t been on television in quite some time but it appeared out of nowhere the other day.  I remember a time when I think it was on HBO at least 6 times a day for a month straight.  I don’t care how many dudes out there refused to watch it back then.  It was impossible to avoid.

I mean it’s really not a bad movie.  But you have to admit that of all movies I think this had the best trailer spoof effect in movie history.  There were countless movies turned love stories that were amazingly funny.  Personally I think it was because of the music.  It just made it so easy to create a funny trailer.

In any event, I collected five more that I hadn’t seen before.  Enjoy…

Brokeback Rocky


It’s obvious but it’s really good.

Harry Potter and the Brokeback Goblet


Jesus Christ this Ron Weasley and the red hair absolutely kills me.  Minute :40 is amazing.



I actually never realized how much potential there was for this one.  Pretty darned good if you ask me.

Plains, Trains and Brokeback Automobiles


If they didn’t have the line “how about a nice hot dog and a beer” I wouldn’t have posted this.  “God you’re a tight ass.”

Broke Trek


It was bound to happen….

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