“Boondock Saints II” Begins Filming at Long, Long, Long Last


Why did this take ten years again?

I won’t claim to be an early adopter of Boondock Saints, saying I was one of the three people who actually saw it in theaters and that I liked it before it was cool. No, I watched it about six years ago well after it had garnered a cult following on DVD, and I became just as memorized as everyone else.

The simple premise of “kill everyone evil” was entrancing and felt like an obvious plot no one had really tried before. As I watched the brothers blow the head off a mobster in the middle of a trial, I had one thought in mind. Why haven’t they made a sequel yet?

But now, nearly a decade after the original Boondock Saints was released, the fabled sequel has finally begun filming in Toronto. Even better news is that nearly all of the original cast is back, from Sean Patrick Flanery to Norman Reedus to Bill Connolly to David Della Rocco.

Wait, Rocco? I’m pretty sure last time I saw him he had two coins resting on his eyelids. Well, maybe it’s the ghost of Rocco, or zombie Rocco, but who cares, Boondock Saints is back!

The film is actually called Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day, which is the rumored title that’s been floating around IMDB all these years. I can’t imagine a movie this low budget takes more than a few months to film and produce (but apparently ten years to write) so hopefully it’ll be out within the next year or so. Here’s an onset production diary after the jump, and links to two others here.

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