Bonds, James Bonds

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Another prime example of why photoshop was invented. Someone has gone through every Bond movie and pulled out a James from each of them. They’re all in the signature tux, and we can see them all lined up so we can decided once and for all who the most debonair one really is.

I mean, you have to go with Sean Connery here. There’s just no beating him. I was never a big Roger Moore fan, and George Lazenby looks like Bruce Campbell playing Bond dress-up. Pierce Brosnan is the Bond I grew up with, so he’ll be in my top tier forever. As for Craig? I’m still not convinced he has the charisma to pull off the role, as mere punching and shooting does not a James Bond make. I guess we’ll see how Bond 23 goes next year.

Which Bond is your favorite?

  • Sideshow

    Craig is pretty badass but squished aspect ratio Moore makes me laugh. lol

  • BaTman

    Craig does not fit, he looks like he should be a Russian villain of sorts. not a classic bond the runners up were a better choice – sean will prob be the best as he is the orgin but the four after were great as well

  • Skeebo


    Brosnan wasn’t bad, but the Bond series was on death’s door by the end of his run. I like what Craig has brought to the series.

    I grew up with Brosnan as well, though I remember Dalton more from Bond being on TV so much.

    Moore just never really worked for me.

  • I have to agree that Craig does not have the charisma that Brosnan or Connery had, but he has other qualities that are much closer to those of the James Bond that Ian Flemming created. As for Craig looking like a Russian villain, I completely disagree. Just because he doesn’t have slicked back black hair doesn’t mean he doesn’t look like an Mi6 agent.

  • J5

    Craig & Brosnan look like they’re either gonna fight or bang each other, with Connery looking to get into the action either way.

    Moore must be losing his ass because he looks lost.

    Lazenby seems to be contemplating if he really wants to join the game, while Dalton just looks happy to be there….. and also happy to be the chip leader.

  • Bert

    Connery and Craig. None of the others are believable as badass secret agents.

  • DS

    Severe lack of David Niven in there.

  • Nickler

    Favorite Bond: Sean Connery
    Favorite Film : Goldeneye
    Least Favorite: Diamonds Are Forever
    Funniest Bond: Roger Moore (it’s just too hard to believe he’s serious!)
    Most Under Appreciated Bond: George Lazenby – On His Majesty’s Secret Service is maybe the most emotional we see Bond get, what with his wife being shot dead at the end by Blofeld. The next time we see Bond that emotional is with Daniel Craig, and everyone loves him!

    I don’t hate any Bond actor, I like them all in their own ways. Just, don’t take Roger Moore serious, is my opinion…Or Moonraker will leave you in tears, yes, it’s that bad!

  • Chris

    Dalton was the best, and his films were the best two in the series.

    Not the suavest, but most true to the books.

  • PBO

    Where is Barry Nelson and David Niven?

  • monstrinho

    Best bond: Danile Craig in Casino Royal
    Worst Bond : Daniel Craig in Quatum of Solace.

    Proves to me at least what a good director can get out of an actor. In CR he’s believable, charismatic and interesting as well as pretty badass. In QoS he runs about in a boring series of set pieces.

  • BaTman

    the character Bond does not match Craig at all, im all for the new but his bond just reminds me of 007 meets Die hard – which is not the classy Bond

  • Rosstopher

    Ive always liked dalton. He had the role in the bag when he was twenty, but he thought he was too young.

  • Amit

    Pierce could have been awesome but they made him too much of a romantic! Craig is ok but seems too damn angry all the time. Sean is definitely number one, followed closely by Roger Moore. Never saw the first dude and Timothy Dalton was not even worth remembering.