Bleep Boop Beep Awesome

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Are you a Star Wars fan with a boring white pair of shorts and a nice butt? Then do I have a project for you. You can follow the lead of Arenya here, who has hand painted a pair of shorts to resemble R2D2, right down to the red button/eye.

These are one of a kind, so you can’t buy them from her, but you should check out her Tumblr which is now humorously titled “Apparently Famous for a Pair of Shorts.” Funny how the internet works, isn’t it?

Soooo, C3P0 tube top coming up next then?

  • EarthwormJim

    Except R2-D2 has a third leg…

  • Limitus

    @ earthworm: made my day XD

  • Too cute. I’d wear them!

  • Fernando

    I was thinking I hope that’s a female cuz he’s got a nice ass. Whew, thank god.

  • Demonic

    Its okay the model has a third leg, you just cant see it…

  • me

    umm,, so where can i buy these???