‘Bioshock’ Movie Surfaces with Spanish Horror Director


As Gore Verbinksi walked off the Bioshock movie, a little part of me died inside. I held that project to be the last, best hope for a quality video game movie, and with Verbinski out,  the project would appear to have been sunk for good (pun clearly intended).

But now, Universal has recruited Juan Carlos Fresnadillo to take over the reins of the project. I’m guessing the only thing you’ve seen from Fresnadillo is 28 Weeks Later. Say what you will about the film (I thought it was just OK), but the man certainly has directing balls to follow up Danny Boyle’s horror classic like that.

He’s not Uwe Bole, Brett Ratner or Paul W.S. Anderson, so I now hold out some hope for my once-dead dream. Bioshock might be good. Actually, it may even be great.

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