Better Than The Original: Thor


An image in a full red hue, with eyes piercing into your soul … gotta be a horror movie right? Wrong. Which is just one of many reasons why it should have never been an actual movie poster for the movie Thor.

The Bad:

oh yeah, he looks pissed

I actually remember seeing this poster in my local movie theater. Now granted, I’ve heard a few people make mention that they don’t pay any attention to the posters as they walk down the halls … but I do! Half the time I don’t know to look for a movie coming out unless I’ve seen a movie poster that has prompted me to do so. This poster was one that caught my eye immediately, but not because it was Thor or another Marvel movie.

Nope, this caught my eye because it was splattered with a blood red color and just screamed for my attention. Consider me surprised by the time I looked it over and read the words “The God of Thunder” … really!? Again, how are people getting paid good money to turn stuff like this out? A picture of Chris Hemsworth bathed in red and some simple type treatment does not take a lot of time to produce. Not only that, but someone obviously didn’t think that maybe red would be better suited for the God of War rather than Thunder. If this had been done in a blue/grey or even silver hue I think it would have been 10x more successful. But that’s just me.

The Good:

I love all the subtleties in this poster

Enter Olly Moss. He’s no stranger to this site, his work has been posted at least a handful of times if not more. Olly gets it. He understands composition and telling a story through the poster. What’s even more brilliant is that he can tell it in a sleek minimal way with his own style and flare baked in. Had I seen this hanging in the theater hallway, I would’ve stopped, taken a picture, sent Olly an e-mail and said “Nice job – I wish I could be more like you!”*

Random side note – I thought I read somewhere that Olly was commissioned for this poster later on and the cast/crew might’ve received their own individual prints of it. I can’t seem to find where I read that now obviously, but if this is not true or if there is more to it could someone please let me know in the comments.

*Designing an actual commissioned movie poster is on my bucket list 


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  • Vonter

    Kinda makes one believe the people in charge of marketing don’t even watch the movie, or even given a script for it. I mean, maybe it could have been rushed and they only show him a picture from the comics and say, yeah this actor is playing this character, we need it for tomorrow.

    • Lucas Tetrault

      You would think that the marketing is rushed if you look at half the posters that are put out – but I think that the production companies give the marketing peeps ample amount of time to put together sales tools to get the movie out there…

      They apparently just do a poor job at it – or don’t take the necessary time to think things through …

  • Heath Tetrault

    Agreed! Enough said, good post!

  • Lisa

    Just from a woman’s perspective, I think they were getting the female attention with a pic of Chris Hemsworth, but I agree that red was totally wrong.