The Five Best Acting Performances By Robin Williams


I think I’m in the minority when I say that I don’t particularly find Robin Williams to be all that funny.   I think he’s an extremely intelligent man and I believe that he might actually be partially certifiable.  But when it comes to his comedy I really think it’s just over the top stuff that’s no different than what British people would do.

I mean I guess it’s entertaining but I happen to find Robin Williams a far better dramatic actor than a comedic one.  Madison, I think you’re with me on this one.  So I’ve decided to highlight five performances that I think rank right up there with some of the best actors in history.

Here are five great dramatic Robin Williams roles….

Awakenings – Dr.Malcolm Sayer


If there’s one character that I think Williams is great at playing it’s the shy, introverted guy.  He does this to a tee in Awakenings.  It’s an incredibly passive role and you just feel his geekiness the entire way through.   At the same time you can see how much conviction his character has.  Great great role for him.

The Fisher King – Henry Sagan

Fisher King

Playing a deranged homeless man isn’t too far fetched here.  Williams’ demeanor is perfect.  And this movie is a great chance for him to encompass comedy and an insane side which I’m guessing how his real life must be.  If you haven’t see The Fisher King then you really must.  Plus it was directed by Terry Gilliam (12 Monkeys) so you can’t go wrong.

Patch Adams – Patch Adams


Another example of using comedy but also having a serious side.  Only in this he’s not crazy.  He’s compassionate and passionate at the same time.  Such a fun film and Williams stole the show.

Good Will Hunting – Sean Maguire


Easily my favorite role that Williams ever did.  Also, this is a film I probably should have added to my top 10 the other day.  Oh well.  Personally I’ve seen a therapist before and Williams totally reminds me of the dude I saw.  So that probably means something.  Still though he was incredible in this film.

One Hour Photo – Seymour Parrish

One Hour photo

Anyone who didn’t think Williams would be an awesome psychopath is completely wrong.  The movie was eh, but Williams was friggin’ awesome.