Behold the Transformers 2 Robo-Roster


In an unnecessary attempt to stamp out rampant internet speculation about the line-up of robots in the new Transformers movie (everyone loves rampant internet speculation!) Dreamworks/Paramount has released an “official” roster of any and all robots appearing in the movie.

Honestly, I didn’t play with the toys that much as a kid, but I did recognize most of the names of the robots in the first movie. But these? Sideways? Wheelie? The Doctor? Skids and Mudflap? Man they really drained the idea tank pretty quickly to come up with those. And what’s Devastator exactly? A kind of Megazord-like super transformer that’s made up of a bunch of puny ones? Sure, why not. But I thought The Fallen was supposed to be the big, bad Decepticon of the hour? Whatever, I’m not going to spend more than five seconds debating Transformers plot points.

[via iWatchStuff]


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