Behold, The Emmas

I don’t have a particularly profound reason for posting this, nor do I quite understand why it’s inherently amusing that two hot young actresses are both named Emma and in the same picture, but there’s just something magical about it.

Not the greatest picture of either of them, as in particular it looks like someone tried to teach Emma Watson to smile by showing her a rough cartoon sketch of what that looks like, but hey, she can do what she wants, she’s Hermione.

So, which do you like better? It’s hard not to fall in love with Emma Stone after Zombieland and Easy A, but Emma Watson generally looks fantastic in every single pictures she’s in. At least all the ones where she’s over 18 that is.

  • samiester

    In the immortal words of Billy Madison:

    Sooooo hot, want to touch the hiney, aaaaaaahoooooooo

  • Steve

    Correction, Emma Watson is hot in every picture she’s in where she ISN’T 18.

  • Watson is hot until she starts speaking, the accent doesn’t do it for me.
    Stone. Hands down. I’d take Emma Stone to dinner AND a movie then MAYBE to meet my parents.

  • Martin

    Emma Watson grosses me out, she still looks about 12 in half her photos, and a boy in the other half. And tries to talk like she’s 28 and super sophisticated.

    Emma Stone is down-to-earth and simply The Hotness. Cubed.

  • Yautja

    “Emma Stone is down-to-earth and simply The Hotness. Cubed.”

    No, The Hotness to AT LEAST the fourth power.

  • Emma Stone isnt an A actor, shes far better playing the second/third roles. Easy A sucked.

  • Jaime

    Emma Roberts > either of them.

  • sean

    Watson > Stone

  • jeff

    just put emma roberts in there, and its ready to explode from awesomness.

  • Cornelius

    Maybe it’s just me but Watson’s smile looks really phony in this photo. You’d think an actress could do a good fake smile.

  • Edzone

    NOW KISS!!!!

  • Chris

    They’re both good actresses. They’re both beautiful. They’re both talented, smart, etc.

    Why split them up?