Behold, the Earliest Teaser Poster Ever


Alright, maybe not EVER, but the movie is quite literally one year and eleven months away at this point, and the poster reflects that as it doesn’t have a plot or even most of a cast assembled yet.

Oh, in case you’re an idiot, we’re talking about Spiderman 4 here, but idiots don’t read this site so it’s OK. Unless this thing hits the front page of Digg…

But seriously, is Spiderman 4 even a good idea? Initial thoughts are “no” because when you try to turn a trilogy into a quadrilogy you get disasterous results (Alien, Indiana Jones), though sometimes you don’t (Rocky). Because Spiderman 3 was so bad, and Sam Raimi KNOWS Spiderman 3 was so bad, I think he geniunely wants to redeem  himself with another movie. Now whether he can or not is another story, but lord knows this thing will pull in a $100M+ opening weekend either way.

  • Brandon

    Spider-Man 3 should have never been made. But at least it wasn’t that abomination called “X-Men Origins: Wolverine Relies Too Much on C-Grade CGI”… something tells me that Spider-Man 4 will still make over $100 Million. And I’ll play Devil’s Advocate here, but Dance Flick was better than Wolverine… why? Because you went in knowing it would be what you expect from a Wayans’ film… vulgar jokes with slapstick. Wolverine was just a turd.

  • Pyro

    I used to work in the movie industry and heard a rumor that in total there were going to be 8 Spider man movies…and btw 10 Saw movies.

  • Brandon

    8 Spidey Movies? I hope not. I’m a fan of Spidey, but I never thought that the movies did him 100% justice. The first was good, the second was much better, but overall, the series is a bit too hokey.

    And don’t even get me started with Saw. I love horror movies, but I put that movie in the same league as The Hills Have Eyes. Pointless movies that just irk me because people are making money off of crap like that.

  • Dude

    Its gonna be a prequel.