Behind the Movie Masks and Make-up

Apologies for not knowing who first compiled this extremely elaborate picture collection, but I first saw it on reddit, and figure you all would enjoy it.

Often we don’t appreciate enough the transformations in film created by make-up artists and costume designers. And sometimes we don’t even know who is underneath all that make-up, metal or plastic. This gallery shows some of the most famous icons in cinema, and their real-world alter egos. Some are obvious, but I wager some you’ve never seen before. Who knew Darth Vader was such a hunk?

Check out the full gallery below:

  • Bert

    The Predator and Harry were the same dude?

  • Blake Shrapnel
  • Tim

    That guy who plays Chewbacca is weird.

  • MattChi

    Exactly what I thought!

  • Dzuksi


    Yup. They were played by great Kevin Peter Hall who unfortunately died in 1991 because of AIDS, AIDS, which he contracted through a blood transfusion.

    He also played the chopper pilot at the end of Predator 1

  • Jim Lahey

    You could have at least put Eddie Murphy from The Nutty Professor, not freaking Norbit!

  • Guy Incognitus

    Zoe Saldana doesn’t belong. No mask, no make-up. Completely digital.

  • b-rock

    Doug Jones was not only the creature in Pans Labrynth but also Abe Sapien in Hellboy and Billy the Zombie in Hocus Pocus

  • krs michael

    The guy who plays Michael Myers looks like Adam Sandler in his SNL days.

  • wevs

    I am quite intrigued by Fantomas’ addition to the list. I thought he was too foreign for you Yanks.

  • Mike aka MonolithTMA

    Should also include Tim Curry and his Labyrinth getup, Robert Picardo as
    Meg Mucklebones from the same movie, and Ted Raimi as Possessed Henrietta from Evil Dead II.

  • Javier

    holy shit! Boris Karloff (Frankenstein) looks a lot like an old Ty Burrell (Phil from Modern Family)

  • Amy

    I was told that the Matrix guy (sorry, I don’t know his name lol) played the voice of V. Another guy did the moves, but passed away half way through the movie, or something…

  • Alaric

    Could’ve had Quentin Tarentino as the crazy blind priest from Little Nicky.

  • Kit

    @Mike aka MonolithTMA – do you mean Tim Curry in Legend? He wasn’t in Labyrinth??