Because You Can Never Have Too Many Disney Princesses

The third pillar of our site after Pokemon and Portal now appears to be Princesses, particularly of the Disney variety. I’ve lost track of how many Disney princess variants we’ve featured here, be they spooky, well-armed, real-life or somewhere in between.

The style we have today is “realism through art,” and is one of the better examples of someone trying to make the princesses “realistic” without physically putting on a costume. Most of your favorites will be here, including a few that aren’t normally included, like Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Meg from Hercules. Are those two technically princesses? I guess any female role in a Disney film is referred to as that.

See the rest below courtesy of the artist Jirka. Wonder if there will be any more forthcoming in the series? If so, I’ll add them.