Batman in Happier Times

Batman wasn’t always the brooding, serious, emotionally scared superhero we know from his past seven or so films. No, once upon a time, he was a caped crusader who loved life, goofing around and wasn’t ashamed to be seen cracking a smile.

I found this picture via Roger Ebert of all places, and it speaks to a simpler time when we didn’t need everything to be dark and gritty. Going back to watch the old Batman ’60s show is absolutely hilarious, and anyone who hasn’t seen the feature film from that era, I highly recommend it. As a kid I refused to believe it when my parents said it was being campy on purpose. I just though that no one knew what cool was in the ’60s, but it turns out they actually had quite a good sense of humor.

I’ll post a video after the jump so you can see what I mean:



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