Batgirl Begins

I’m about 98% sure this is photoshop, but I really wish it wasn’t so there could be more photos in this series. Most of us love the dark, armored redesign of Batman in the Nolan era, but it would be pretty cool to see Batgirl rendered in that form as well, even if she is just a little girl in the timeline of the series.

Through either the greatest costume making skills ever, or some rather good photoshop, we have a look at what she might look like, boob armor and all. I doubt we’ll ever see her onscreen after the fiasco that was Batman and Robin, but still, cool to imagine.

  • Sorry to be a nagger, i think Batgirl appeared in Batman Forever… i cringe whenever i remember that movie

  • Link

    ^ That’s true. She was a wee one but she was there.

    As a self qualified boob expert, I have to say that the boobular (industry term) area here looks pretty shopped to me.

  • Korky

    Batgirl is pointless, just like Robin, Superboy, The Flash #45, Krypto, and all the other heroes created just because certain comic book writers lack imagination.

  • michael

    Yes, that’s obviously shopped. So keep in mind that those boobs your oggling actually belong to Christian Bale, along with the rest of that body.

  • This image rawks independent of boob size and other falacious material you invent. If made into a movie, this will eviscerate all preceding male Bat Man quants.

  • yo

    i think that is Scarlett Johanson’s mouth. her lips are awesome

  • Carmelo

    Fighting crime with your hair down makes it easier for the bad guys to grab onto you.

  • Okse


  • Jeb

    George Clooney gets nipples on his batsuit, but none for Batgirl? We live in an unjust world.

  • Sarah

    What’s with all the hate on Batgirl? Without Batgirl the Batman universe would have missed out on a really important character. Barbara freaking Gordon. One of the best and well-rounded characters in that whole series that makes it interesting.

  • Penny Sautereau-Fife

    @Sarah Yes, absolutely true. Which is of course why DC had to make her a retarded crimefighting twonk again. God forbid she be Oracle, a parapalegic who can still defend herself on par with Batman and is 3 times smarter than he is, showing actual diversity in comics as a disabled superhero that isn’t a joke, when we can have her spine miraculously heal and get her back in spandex fighting crime and being apparently so computer illiterate she has to troll a library to research a case because apparently her spine was healed at the cost of her computer skills, because Hey! The New 52! We’re all edgy and stuff!

    It’s almost as bad as mistaking indiscriminate emotionless sex (Starfire) and tacky rooftop quickies (Catwoman) for “displaying sexually liberated women”. But they’d never do THAT right?

  • KimZu

    lol, Batgirl didn’t appear in Batman Forever, she was in Batman & Robin, wich included villains like Poison Ivy, Bane & Mr. Freeze

  • I would much rather see a Batwoman movie. I love the costume.

  • Narcisist

    That may be Ellen Page, there was a site that had found her trailer on the set of The Dark Knight Rises.

    The door read “Ellen Page B.Gordon”, no one know if it is B.S, but if this is real then it is Page.

    Page worked with Nolan, Gordon and Tom Hardy in Inception. Hopefully, Leon will not be showing up to play Robin.

  • not shopped

    there is no way this is photoshopped the proportions of the body are far different than christian bale just the thickness of the arm indicates that its a real woman and not photoshop

  • Sammaan

    “# elmarplaon 30 Nov 2011 at 3:35 pm

    Sorry to be a nagger, i think Batgirl appeared in Batman Forever… i cringe whenever i remember that movie”

    Dude – sorry to be a nagger – it’s Batman and Robin. Not Forever. Though both are crap, B&R is the one that still make you cringe – you and every person on this planet with a minimum common sense. Me included, obviously.

  • chrisbale

    U all don’t think this is an image from the new dark knight movie, maybe Anne Hathaway sans catwoman as batgirl !?!?!?!?