Bane Almost Looked Like a Gimp in TDKR

Bane Look 2

The Dark Knight Rises Blu-ray comes out soon (just kidding, it’s out), and with it will be a bit of concept art showing what Bane was going to look like before they decided on a final version of his mask. As you can see, we dodged quite a few bullets here.

More concepts are below, including one that has him wearing what appears to be parts of a plastic bag, and another which does indeed have the real mask, but also imagines him covered in tattoos like some sort of space-pirate. I think they wanted to go with “mythical warrior from afar” rather than “gangbanger” which is what the tattoos could imply. And I think we’re all thankfully that he didn’t show up as a pro-wrestler/gimp above.

Check out the other photos below, or see them all on the Blu-ray shortly.

Bane Look 1

Bane Look 5

Bane Look 4

Bane Look 3

  • Gene Starwolf

    It comes out soon? I already have it…

  • MoFoJames

    The one with tattoos is actually Tom Hardy before they removed the tattoos digitally.

    • What? Tom Hardy doesn’t really have those tattoos, does he?

  • Danny

    MoFoJames > Really ? Damn, if I was the guy who had to remove the tatoos on all the scenes, I would be so pissed at him.

    • Whoa I thought those were just for Warrior.

  • Tim W.

    Is this an old article or one you wrote up but didn’t use? The blu-ray is out and I could have sworn I got to see what Bane looked like by following a link through the Final Countdown weeks ago. I could be wrong, its too much effort to go back and look.

    • Nah, it’s from today. I just didn’t realize the Blu-ray was out already.