Badass Picture of the Week: The Intergalactic Pin-Up


On first glance you might be saying, “Why the hell would you post this?”

On second glance? Yup, that’s her.

It’s strange, because you wouldn’t think that such a quality photo could be that old, but the thing is in crazy hi-res and is just asking to be your next desktop wallpaper. I’ve left a bigger size hidden inside that picture for just such an occasion (click on it to see).

Alright you better have figured out who this is by the time you’ve finished reading this post. Come on!

  • Lagrange

    Cool pic and what surprises me the most and what I think it is, what makes this feel a bit unreal at first sight is that her hairstyle is not 80’s. It’s a believable 2009 haircut.
    I love it when you see a movie from the 50’s to 80’s with a beautiful woman but all the time you think *yikes, what a terrible haircut?!* but then, when there is a shower scene you’re like *OMG she is a goddess!*

  • MightyFaker

    Wow, she really was a very attractive girl. At first I just thought someone had found a pretty decent lookalike.

  • Madison

    All the “hot” actresses today show off skin and wear skimpy clothes; I think I prefer the older ones who left it up to your imagination.

    Fisher looks absolutely adorable in this pic.

  • Sanchez

    WHO IS THIS???

  • Sanchez

    Carrie fisher? Isla fisher?
    Honestly, I think it’s Sarah chalke.

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  • petrino

    do the mary poppins chick next