Badass Picture of the Week: The Dark Kickflip


It might be hard for you to believe a picture this awesome actually exists, but I really think it’s legit. Why? Here’s the evidence:

A) It’s one thing to match the Joker’s costume pitch perfectly, it’s another to have a full-replica batsuit from the movie.

B) How else do you get an empty main road in downtown Chicago to shoot a funny skateboarding shot?

C) Ledger is (was) a known skateboarder, and there’s a video of him actually skateboarding on set while wearing full Joker make-up (at 23 seconds).

So either this is the world’s greatest Photoshop, it’s the work of some hardcore skateboarding replica costume enthusiasts, or it’s for real. I choose to believe it really is that awesome.

  • JZ

    Worlds most average photoshop. The board is too big. Dont you remember the scene when the Bats bit it after the game of chicken on the batbike?

  • Madison

    Really? I assumed this was a photoshopped set pic immediately…

  • ChetLemon

    set pic from Warner Bros.
    printshop of board
    you’re a big dummy
    posted on The Chive weeks ago

  • i call shoop. because it is. i can tell by some of the pixels and stuff.

  • tissmekyle

    i agree with JZ. i watched the movie like 3 s=days ago so i just assumed it was the scene after playin chicken just before joker gets arrested.

  • Xin

    Yeah, I can tell by the whoop that it’s a shoop.


  • Maybe I’m wrong, but I’ve seen the movie in a cinema in Switzerland and I’m about 90% sure that I’ve seen this scene on screen.
    Maybe they photoshopped it a bit but I think there actually was Joker/Ledger ollieing/kickflipping over the unconscious Batman.
    Could it be that the scene might have been deleted in some screenings?

  • Johnny

    If that is him skating in the video, then he is regular and the photo has him skating goofy. Unless Ledger was good enough to skate switch, then one of them is fake.

  • Niravana

    you sir (OP) are a fucking retard for assuming this is real for even a second.

  • not the coolest picture I’ve ever seen…not by a mile…good try though

  • m.rob

    That is clearly a heel flip…

  • haha thats awesome, im sure it was the actors just messing around on set

  • oldschoolskater

    The board is fake everything else is real. perspective and size of board is WAY off. It would also be more in shadow if it was really in that scene… everything else has harsh shadows except the board is well lit.

    Also his eyes would be looking more in the direction hes traveling not at the Batmans face.



    Thank you, Commander-in-Chief of the obvious. Any 8 year old who has played Tony Hawk could tell you that. Valuable input, keep it up.

  • Chicago

    This is real.
    I live in Chicago and work in the loop (where this picture is).
    When they were filming Batman downtown, it wasn’t at all unusual to see Heath Ledger skating around in full Joker costume. He used to skate around the loop in between scenes. He actually taught other guys on the film how to skate.
    Totally real.

  • Not a bad attempt at the batman photo


  • brendan

    dude. fake.

  • Matt

    this picture is real, there was footage of heath skating during breaks on the set, this could very well have been arranged with the actors.

  • Crew Member

    I worked on the dark knight. Heath spent all of his time on a skateboard while we weren’t rolling. Anyone on set knows this, and anyone watching would see him weaving in and out all the time.

  • charlie tuna

    Heath Ledger was a known skateboarder, he made Lords of Dog Town which was about skateboarding… im pretty sure he did all his own skating in it.

    There is footage on youtube of the whole crew joking around on this set, including Heath……… who was skateboarding.

    Its not too much of a leap to imagine one of the batman doubles laying on the floor in the suit, while Heath jumps over him……. is it?

  • bob

    in my opinion it’s fake, look at how his front foot is… if he was really doing a heelflip his foot would be kicked out to the side of the board not directly above it and that far back towards the tail of the board

  • charlie tuna

    Wait actually hang on it looks pretty fake. After looking at the picture for more than 5 seconds, ive decided its the shot – from a different angle – of where the jokers henchman has tried to take the helmet off the fallen Batman, only to be electocuted. The Joker then runs up and jumps to land next to batman, spitting on his fallen henchman.

    Case closed

  • idk

    definetly a heel flip not a kick flip.. just saying 🙂

    O and look at the (bright) set lights in the corner i believe it

  • Q

    Here’s the thing about evidence B… I have (known people :)) who have tagged downtown and surprisingly the streets are damn empty late at night. Not saying its true or false… just saying.

  • NathanLegit

    Let me point out from a film standpoint why this is real. If it was the same shot where he jumps over Bats but from a different angle, you would see the fu*king camera behind him idiots. And did you ever consider that maybe he messed up on the trick, and that is why he doesn’t look like he is doing a perfect heel flip according to all skaters on here?

  • This was definitely real. Joker is a funny man!

  • m.rob

    @ El Pres

    way to let the underlying sarcasm of the comment fly completely over your head. Try reading things thoroughly and critically thinking about them before being a douche on the internet. If you don’t know how to critically think, go back and finish high school.

  • m.rob

    Also, I agree with everyone. This is/isn’t real. Go Raven’s!

  • bastardo

    If you think this is a real photo your IQ is obviously below 80.
    Tardfucked asswhipe.

  • bastardo

    Paul are you really that much of an idiot? Seriously man.

  • El Capitan

    Wow. This is absolutely 100% fake and these are the reasons why: in the video that you linked to, the joker is riding regular stance (left foot forward), and in this picture, the joker is riding goofy stance (right foot forward). Even if Heath Ledger was a known skateboarder, based on how he looked in the video, there is no way he was good enough to perform whatever trick this is supposed to be SWITCH-stance. Nor would anyone perform this trick with such a big board, trucks, and wheels, especially not in those DRESS SHOES. Also, that is not a kickflip- the board is spinning the wrong way- it doesn’t look like any real trick. Furthermore, if I’m not mistaken there seems to be a big wire running right along the path of the skateboard, which would make the attempted trick moronic if not impossible. And last but not least, the Joker and his skateboard are missing shadows.

    So, this is neither the world’s greatest Photoshop, nor the work of some hardcore skateboarding replica costume enthusiasts, and it is most certainly NOT REAL. Photoshop is all about the details, and whoever did this one missed just about all of them. Case closed.

  • If this is real and isn’t shopped, TMZ would have known it!

  • It’s Real. Source: My father worked on this film. Just asked him and he said “oh yeah, it was common to hear him skate around”

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  • Big Al

    Regardless of whether it’s real or fake – It’s blatantly an impossible, not a heelflip or kickflip. Frontfoot getting out of the way, backfoot scooping. Given that Heath was an Aussie (a country ingrained with surf & skate culture) he probably started skating in the late 80’s, early 90’s when this trick was at it’s most popular.

    Saying that, unless he’s using a filmers board with Indy 215’s it’s almost certainly fake…

  • definetly a heel flip not a kick flip.. just saying

    O and look at the (bright) set lights in the corner i believe it..

  • Why so skateboarding?

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  • skboard

    Everything else but the skateboard looks real. First, Joker is lookin straight to batman, not skateboard or the line. Jokers feet are in 360 flip position and the boad is doing what looks inward heelflip.

  • **It’s fake.** Yes HL was known to be an avid skateboarder, and yes he did skate around the set on occasion. But…The image of him jumping has been lifted from the scene in the film where Batman is unconscious. The board has then been shopped’ into the shot.

  • xXburekXx

    you guys are calling him a dumbass but how do you know he isnt messing with you guys, you internet no-lifes cant wait to get mad a t someone or somthing

  • Sean

    It’s a fake and a bad one at that.

  • Cori

    I do think it is real. Heath Ledger was an avid skateboarder so he would have been ABLE to do this, for one. I can’t see at all it being a shop.

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  • i saw the Dark Knight again the other day and with Heath Ledger being so into character, I can see him wanting to do something like this!

  • Joe

    why don’t we just ask Heath? too soon?

  • talli

    The video is a scene that wasn’t included in the movie. So its Heath skateboarding like the Joker would.

  • MrMagoo

    Guys, this is entirely fake. Go play the movie and at 1:22:35 probly about the 17th frame or so you will see EXACTLY where this picture came from.

  • Sk8r

    Fake for so many reasons.

    If you think it’s real you must have never even seen a skateboard before. Look at the board compared to their body sizes! The board is about 2x wider than either Joker or Batman’s leg, and the length of the board is as long as Heath’s leg!! Are you kidding me, When did they start putting trucks on snowboards??

    This is a screenshot of a different take of the sceen after the chicken match taken while Heath is jumping in the air near batman in triumph (This is the final cut seen in the movie: with a skateboard picture shopped in. Look at the pixelation of the board, it is much more pixelated than the rest of the shot which comes from adjusting the size of the image (to make it look real) too many times.

    Also the light source is coming from the left and you should be able to see the shadow of the wheels/trucks on the bottom of the deck of the board but you can’t see any shadow.

    Don’t fool yourself. The skateboard just looks all wrong in the picture, which anyone can clearly see after they dismiss their fantasies of Heath Ledger owning up to all of their self-imposed delusions of his grandure.

  • cindy

    uhhh that’s for sure not a kickflip.

  • Ry

    Johnny is right.. it’s a real photo.. of the stunt doubles .. in the photo the guy is skating goofy and attempts to ollie over him but kicks it away.. in the vid, it’s heath and he’s skating regular stance.. but overall it’s a great image/dream to leave us with.. talented as an actor and skater. R.I.P. Heath L.

  • AbbsMan

    Cant believe this is worth a debate. So shopped it isnt worth explaining the reasons. Fake and Terible atemp of kickflip.

  • Sk8r

    # AbbsManon 12 Jan 2010 at 9:01 am :

    “Cant believe this is worth a debate. So shopped it isnt worth explaining the reasons. Fake and Terible atemp of kickflip.”

    Quoted For motherfucking Truth.

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  • Random Hero

    compared to his feet you can notice the board is the right size and it looks pixilated cause the board is spinning. Its real whether or not it was heath

  • bonesbrigade

    That is a heel-flip, not a kick-flip…

  • KB

    Maybe it’s real, maybe it’s a fake. Personally, I like to think it’s real and is one the last genuine shots of Heath, I want this as a poster, regardless of it being real/fake. 🙂

  • teh0ne

    its fake because hes flipping it like a kickflip but somehow its rotating like a heelflip.

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  • Hoobaskate

    His feet aren’t in perspective of the flip. Its true that he may have been skating on set, but his feet in that picture do not reflect the way the board was flipped.

  • andre

    Im just gonna throw my two cents in.

    In the picture The Joker is skating goofy footed(right foot forward) in the video Ledger is skating regular footed(left foot forward)
    would make sense to do a switch flip and skate normal or vice versa.


  • Haha that is awesome. Actually looks like the street in batman? Is it?

  • Namagem

    Somebody’s WRONG on the INTERNET!

    Quick, to the WAAAMBUANCE!

    1) He’s fucking with you

    2) He’s testing you

    3) He’s legitimately wrong

    Any way you put it, it’s no cause for a riot.

  • bored

    not a heel or a kickflip its more like an impossible with how hes scooping it up FAKE

  • Anthony
  • lvleph

    Come on that is clearly a pressure flip not a kick flip.

  • Come on that is clearly a pressure flip not a kick flip.

  • Photoshop can work amazing exchanges.

  • I don’t think it matters really, as it is a sweet pic no matter who is behind the paint!

  • Mike

    Sorry kids, this is faked…
    Check the link to see the pic unaltered.

  • Haha even though it’s 100% photoshoped, you gotta give some creativity to the skater designer that did this.. Score!

  • That is awesome. THanks for the great article, keep up the great work!

  • vansk8er7

    Apparently it is real. Go to this link and scroll down to the last question.

  • Shibby

    its fake based on the video, he is skating regular in the video, as well as in lords of dog town. regular means his left foot would be in front. the picture shows him attempting the trick goofy stance. i doubt he would attempt to try a trick over a his co-worker switched stance.