The Most Bad Ass Body Armor in Movies and Video Games


Engineers in Japan have made significant progress in developing power suits that greatly increase the strength of those who wear them.  Awkward sentences aside, I can’t imagine that engineers in our country aren’t doing the same thing, nor can I imagine that the military wouldn’t be interested in this sort of technology.  Right now, the suits that exists seem to be used solely for lifting – but I think it’s pretty clear the next step is providing protection, increasing speed, and who knows what else.

In video games and movies, though, fully functional bad ass body armor is actually pretty common.  Some forms of armor offer protection from bullets, while other forms may be best used for annihilating enemies.  Below, check out 12 examples of the most bad ass body armor in movies and video games.  For the purposes of this article, keep in mind that – in the case of video games – I’m listing body armor that is either the character’s “default” armor or that is worn so often that it is difficult to not associate the character with it.  So, for example, you won’t find crazy powerful armor that’s acquired well into a video game.

With that out of the way, enjoy these examples of awesome body armor.  As always, if you feel like I left one off, let me know in the comments.

The Prawn Battle Suit – District 9


The Prawn Battle Suit seems to connect neurologically to its user and gives them the ability to do pretty much whatever he or she wants.  It can sustain massive amounts of damage from bullets, increases its users strength and speed significantly, and comes with an assortment of bad ass guns – including an awesome gravity gun.  Simply put, whoever steps into the Prawn Battle Suit is essentially a one-man army.

Samus’ Power Suit – Metroid series


Samus’ Power Suit is easily one of the most recognizable, iconic suits in video game history.  Even without upgrades, the suit protects Samus, comes equipped with an arm cannon, and allows Samus to movie freely underwater or in outer space.  Of course, its real appeal is its ability to be significantly upgraded – few upgrades are cooler than the Screw Attack.

MJOLNIR Mark VI – Halo series


Keeping in mind that Samus is in fact a girl, I always thought Master Chief’s armor made him look like a testosterone-fueled, male Samus.  And that’s not a bad thing.  The MJOLNIR armor, in addition to looking really effing cool, features energy shielding and allows the user to run faster, jump higher, and punch harder than he would normally be able.  The helmet is also quite sophisticated, featuring a Heads Up Display that links to the user’s brain.

Iron Man’s Armor – Iron Man movies


I imagine cruising around the skies in Tony Stark’s armor would be quite a rush.  The Iron Man armor is a true triumph of technology, allowing its wearer protection from bullets and the ability to fly at supersonic speeds.  The body armor is also capable of emitting blasts of energy at enemies and has a state-of-the-art targeting system.  Really, though, the flight has got to be the coolest.

HEV Suit – Half-Life series


The “Hazardous Environments” Suit worn by Gordon Freeman was originally designed to protect scientists from radiation, energy discharges, and (of course) environmental hazards.  By the time Freeman gets it, though, the HEV Suit has been upgraded to allow the wearer to sprint incredibly fast and jump over long distances and provides enough protection to withstand bullets and small explosions.

Zero’s Armor – Mega Man series


I love the classic Mega Man look, but Zero’s armor is definitely cooler.  As for what it does, well, I suppose it offers protection…but other than that, I really couldn’t say.

Batman’s Armor – Batman movies and games


The older, campy Batman worse spandex, but that wouldn’t cut it against the criminals of Gotham these days.  Using his vast resources at Wayne Enterprises, Bruce Wayne has been able to develop a flexible yet sturdy suit of body armor that can offer protection from bullets while simultaneously striking fear into the hearts of criminals.  If you consider the utility belt as part of the armor, then it’s virtually limitless as to the type of ambushes and attacks Batman is capable of.

Stormtrooper Armor – Star Wars movies and games


No, they don’t offer a lot of protection from blaster, but they sure do look cool.  I thought about possibly including Boba Fett instead of the Stormtroopers but – and this may be sacrilege – Boba Fett is the most overrated character in the Star Wars universe.  Sorry, couldn’t do it.

Marcus Fenix’s Armor – Gears of War series


Marcus’ armor is big and bulky, but it gets the job done.  Able to withstand showers of bullets from the Locust, the armor certainly isn’t too big to prevent Marcus and his crew from sprinting and rolling to cover.

Gray Fox’s Exoskeleton – Metal Gear series


After surviving a rough encounter with Snake, Frank Jaeger was fitted for the powered exoskeleton seen above.  As a cyborg ninja, Gray Fox needs to be able to move quickly and quietly, something his exoskeleton permits him to do.

Robocop’s Armor – Robocop movies and games


Robocops armor protects him from bullets and even grenades and rockets.  The armor is also networked to his brain, allowing Robocop to withdraw his gun from its holder inside his thigh simply by thinking about it.  One thing I always wondered, though, was why the hell the bad guys didn’t just aim for his chin.

Lord Marshal’s Necromonger Armor – The Chronicles of Riddick


Honestly – if you had that armor, would you ever take it off?  Me neither.