5 Avatar Trailer Mashups To Get you Pumped For Tomorrow


Well here it is folks.  The moment you’ve all been waiting for.  It’s Avatar time!  In less than 24 hours we will get to see first hand if James Cameron can deliver on what is probably the most hyped movie since Dark Knight.   Will it be as good as some think?  Or will it be as crappy as some think?

Personally I feel that people are going to come out of this movie saying “it was a good movie but certainly not amazing.”   And I think that the producers might be OK with that.   This is a big risk.  And using elements of animation and CG mixed with real movie stuff makes it quite difficult to take the movie 100% seriously.

Hey I could be wrong but a human with a bunch of blue weird cartoon people isn’t the easiest premise to turn into a movie filled with real emotion.

Again, I remain open so who knows.  In the meantime here are some fun trailer mashups before you go see it tomorrow

Avatar/Fern Gully Mashup


Very solid dubbing here

Pochahontas/Avatar Trailer


Kind of crappy but amusing

M. Night Shymalan’s AVATAR


Again, solid dubbing using both Avatars.

Cool Trailer using no Avatar Footage


Just solid timing all around

Teaser Trailer Redux


Fan remade this.  It’s pretty solid.


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