It Was Only a Matter of Time: A Gallery of Avatar Cosplay


Of course, it was inevitable.  With all the rage over James Cameron’s billion-dollar endeavor, it was only a matter of time before fans of Avatar started dressing up like the if, blue Na’vi.  After all, if people were getting depressed and all bent out of shape after leaving Pandora the movie theater, it follows that they’d also relish the opportunity to paint themselves blue and slap a fake tail on their behinds.

I have to think that a Na’vi costume must be particularly challenging to make, so the good ones really are quite impressive.  At the same time, you kind of have to take it easy on those costumes that aren’t so great.  When you’re painting yourself blue, you should at least be commended for the effort.  Anyway, check out a cool gallery of Avatar Na’vi cosplay.











  • Rob

    DAAAMN! @ motorboat girl lol.

  • J5

    The above blue clevage is about the only positive thing that came out of avatar.

    Seriously, dont understand the craze behind this steaming pile of mediocrity. But hey, everyone’s got different tastes, so……whatever?

  • illeaturfamily

    They all just look like night elves from WoW if you ask me.

    That one chick has some mammoth yu’um yu’um’s.

  • clint

    hmmm… kinda avatar-esque

  • sexy blue girls looking very nice. Girls got new trend for exposing their self

  • J5

    @ Chelsey

    I liked it better when all you needed was some alcohol and the promise of 5 cent plastic beads.

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  • Velovan

    I don’t remember Alien Girl With Huge Boobs from the movie. Put those things in 3D and I’d happily fork over a few extra bucks.

  • Madison

    @ clint

    Ha! Now you’re getting it.

  • jaromir

    2nd one from the top and 3rd one up from the bottom!

    BTW have to add that IMO “Avatar” was just meh to me, and I do believe that the first movie only did as well as it did b/c of all the hype behind it. As far as the sequel goes, I’m sure it will still do good financially, but I doubt it will be anywhere near where this one got it.

    I doubt that I will go see it.

  • vidokou

    second from the top is photoshop, as I have seen the original

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  • NP

    it got all the hype it got and is still getting because people love this movie. the vast majority of the population loves it, and there you have your hype! it speaks to people. simple story yet very well told and emotionally engaging.

  • i like girls cosplays !

  • cool
    emotionlly engagin

  • leonardo BR

    gostosa dos peitos gigantessssssssssssssssssssss fodaaaaaaaaa