It Was Only a Matter of Time: A Gallery of Avatar Cosplay


Of course, it was inevitable.  With all the rage over James Cameron’s billion-dollar endeavor, it was only a matter of time before fans of Avatar started dressing up like the if, blue Na’vi.  After all, if people were getting depressed and all bent out of shape after leaving Pandora the movie theater, it follows that they’d also relish the opportunity to paint themselves blue and slap a fake tail on their behinds.

I have to think that a Na’vi costume must be particularly challenging to make, so the good ones really are quite impressive.  At the same time, you kind of have to take it easy on those costumes that aren’t so great.  When you’re painting yourself blue, you should at least be commended for the effort.  Anyway, check out a cool gallery of Avatar Na’vi cosplay.












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