Ashton Kutcher’s Douchiness Peaks in ‘The Spread’ Trailer


I used to like Ashton Kutcher, I really did. I thought he was hilarious as perma-dolt Kelso in That ’70s Show. I even liked the first season or two of punked. But once he married Demi Moore and got a million Twitter followers, something changed, and now when I see him I just want to punch him in the face.

So how do you make someone you already think is annoying, even more unlikable? Well, give him a little scarf, a little earring and a completely non-sensical accent, and watch him hook up with dozens of hot chicks on screen. I’ve just described The Spread trailer above, and even though the word “douche” is completely overused in today’s society, I can’t think of another word to better describe “Nikki.” Am I wrong?

  • IcemanD

    I agree that douche is used far too regularly now (I’m certainly guilty of it). But, at times, there is no other way to describe someone other than to say douchebag.

  • Holy shit, I can’t believe it’s a real movie.

  • Chuck

    I actually found this trailer interesting and want to see the movie, i agree that Ashton is a d-bag, but maybe im just jealous. (and maybe im not the only one) .

  • Madison

    Wait, doesn’t an earring in the right ear mean that you’re….oh, never mind.

  • Dude

    His charisma is at the all time low, and going down I mean Colin Farrell low … (Man! I hate that guy)

  • What a shame, Kutcher played some good roles in the past…