Artist Paints Over Stills From Classic Disney Movies


Tyson Murphy, a character artist at Blizzard decided to use a bit of his free time to update a few frames from classic Disney movies. He took the original shot from the film, and digitally painted over it to make a brand new piece.

The effect is quite lovely as seen in the Sword in the Stone from above, and he’s done a perhaps less iconic one from 101 Dalmatians you can see below. There is a distinct lack of dalmatians. I hope he does more of these, and I’d love to see one from every Disney movie. Yes Tyson, ALL OF THEM. Get to work.


[via LaughingSquid]

  • David R

    Man, that was a dark period for Disney’s animation department. In terms of the look, I’m mainly talking about.

    • Steve

      Don’t worry David. This guy took stills from the more recent blu-rays of the films that completely ruined the detail of the animation and blast the contrast while also altering the colors. Pop in your dvds (or look up some laserdisc or vhs vs. blu-ray pics) for comparison. I just find it funny that this guy inadvertently gave these films back the detail that the “professionals” at Disney took away from these cherished classics.