Arrested for War Crimes

What, you think just because you stood by while innocent citizens of Tatooine were slaughtered, that means you get a free pass? And don’t give me that line about following orders! You’ll pay for what you’ve done.

Oh wait, you’re really a clone and it doesn’t matter and you don’t have a soul? Well I guess we can just throw you into this Sarlac pit up ahead and technically we’re not doing anything wrong.

  • Freelance Spy

    Scenes from Occupy Endor.

  • Michael Matalewski

    OMG! That is a From Australian Victorian Police officer from the state I live! So the Empire has started their invasion of Australia… Luckily I know their weakness. *grabs Boomerang*

  • sam

    well at least he’s minding his head unlike the one in episode 4

  • Jake

    I didn’t realize Nike’s were standard issue for Storm Troopers.

  • Jim Lahey


    I was waiting for someone to leave a comment based on those shoes. It was the first thing I noticed in the picture.