Are You Feelin’ Lucky, Voldemort?

This might be the dumbest pun I’ve seen in a while, but I’ll be damned if the photoshop that went along with it didn’t make me laugh just a little bit here. I feel like if there was ever a sequel to Harry Potter written where he’s in his later years, he might look like this, hunting down dark wizards as an auror with a magic six shooter instead of a wand. What, they can’t like enchant one or something?

Come on JK Rowling, just write more books. I know you have more money than God, but seriously, if Stephanie Meyer can crank out Twilight installments in the span of a weekend, you can spend a few months to give us some more HP adventures, can’t you?

  • Bryan


    At the very least, she could carry on with the kids from the Harry Potter series. Except for being mostly bumbling fools as the originals were, they could have learned from their parents and do the ‘Dirty Harry’ thing.

  • Steve

    Ah-Ah. I know what you’re thinking punk. Did he cast six spells or only 5? Well to tell you the truth…

    Aw forget it.