Are You Feelin’ Lucky, Voldemort?

This might be the dumbest pun I’ve seen in a while, but I’ll be damned if the photoshop that went along with it didn’t make me laugh just a little bit here. I feel like if there was ever a sequel to Harry Potter written where he’s in his later years, he might look like this, hunting down dark wizards as an auror with a magic six shooter instead of a wand. What, they can’t like enchant one or something?

Come on JK Rowling, just write more books. I know you have more money than God, but seriously, if Stephanie Meyer can crank out Twilight installments in the span of a weekend, you can spend a few months to give us some more HP adventures, can’t you?


  1. Bryan January 3, 2011
  2. Steve January 4, 2011

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