Another Unearthed Nic Cage as Superman Shot

nic cage

There’s a new picture floating around the internet that appears to be Nic Cage in costume for the failed Superman Lives film that never got off the ground in 1998. It was put on display as part of a Kickstarter campaign that wants to raise funds for a documentary to examine what exactly happened to make the film fall apart:

“The Death of “Superman Lives”: What Happened? is a Feature Length Documentary about the unmade movie “Superman Lives”. This film, out of all the various attempts to make a Superman movie between 1987 and 2006, would have stood the test of time and become a bonafide Cult Classic nowadays. I am not alone with my intense interest in knowing everything I can about this project, and so now I’m embarking on making a Documentary that will cover everything ever made for this film, from interviewing as many people as I can who were involved, to including actually recreating scenes from the script!!!”

Think it’s ridiculous? Well, it’s already raised $48,000 of its $98,000 goal, and still have over a month to go. I don’t understand Kickstarter sometimes.

It’s going to be a tad disappointing when at the end of the rainbow they find some studio executive saying “It was Nic Cage as Superman, of course we were going to shut that shit down.”

Also, I’m not even convinced this costume is real and that’s not just Cage photoshopped there. Keep in mind that THIS is the original Nic Cage pic that’s actually for real. The suit above looks firmly modern in its creation, and Nic Cage is a lot more bald there.


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