A Collection of Insane Works by Peter Chung


If I had to pick a favorite animator, it would probably be Bill Peet; I think that The Sword and the Stone is an absolute masterpiece.  If I had to pick a second-favorite animator, well, that would probably be Peter Chung.  The South Korean virtuoso has been animating and directing for quite some time now, and all of his work has a certain style and flair – slender, effeminate figures come to mind -that makes it instantly recognizable as his own.  I used to watch MTV’s Liquid Television just for the ridiculousness that was Aeon Flux, and I have been a big fan of Chung’s ever since.

Check out a big collection of his insane animation below.



Rally’s Commercial


Levis Commercial


Diet Pepsi Commercial


G-Police for Playstation


Rugrats Main Title Animation (sorry about the speed)


Party 7 Intro


Aeon Flux


The Animatrix: Matriculated Part 1


The Animatrix: Matriculated Part 2


Nike Commercial


  • ehh definitely a pretty solid animator, I like his really retro style. I did think his segment was the weakest of the Animatrix, however. Though I mean how are you supposed to compete with Watanabe, Maeda and Kawajiri?

  • sam

    didn’t he do some of the animated feature for riddick too?

  • Madison

    @ sam

    He definitely had a hand in that, yeah…I just couldn’t find any suitable clips.

  • Woody

    i think his section of The Animatrix is the best one

  • jinnaboy

    dude im pretty sure the intro for party 7 is done by takeshi koike