An Enormous Gallery of Celebrities Growing Up

Many of today’s most famous actors got their starts when they were kids. No, being a child actor does not necessarily screw you up, as evidenced by the gallery here. Well, other than Lindsay Lohan.

It’s a rather fascinating look to see how these celebrities have aged, and who has gone from ugly to cute, cute to cute, or cute to ugly. There are definitely ones from each category here.

Check out the full gallery below, and speculate on which little kids from current movies and TV will grow up to be out next A-listers.

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  • illeaturfamily

    Michelle Tratchenburg. DAYUM.

  • Joey

    All I can think of as I look through these is: “Who the fuck are these people? I know about seven of them, maybe ten. But that’s because I rarely watch movies and have yet to turn on a television in a bit over two years. What’s worse, is I’m a twenty two year old chick. By my gender, I should know them all, but I feel so damn lost….

  • Steve2

    @Joey, don’t worry, I’m also saying “Who the fuck are these people?” as well. But only because so many of them have had plastic surgery and claim they haven’t. Guess they don’t realize the internet exists, lol.

  • Jack Baxter

    I’m just trying to figure out number five.

  • Mike

    Mario Lopez does not age.

  • will

    when some of these people have kids.. the other one forgets that their chidren are going to be born with the features they used to have before all the modification

  • Vogue

    They forgot to put up Sean Penn he was also a child actor.

  • MissJo

    What about Johnny Depp?