An Awesome Gallery of Nightcrawler Cosplay


It’s time for another cosplay gallery here at Unreality.  If you haven’t noticed, we’re big fans.  I like to laugh at the crappy and pathetic attempts, but I also admire the attention to detail and complex efforts of the more, um, successful cosplayers.

I read a lot of X-Men comics when I was younger, and to be honest, I never gave too much thought to Kurt Wagner, better known as Nightcrawler.  It wasn’t until seeing Alan Cumming portray the teleporting mutant in X2: X-Men United that I realized what a cool look he had.  It’s somewhat ironic that a blue, devilish-looking mutant would actually look cooler on the big screen than in the pages of a comic book; it almost always seems to be the opposite with a lot of non-human characters.  The costume and makeup department of X2 did an outstanding job on Nightcrawler, but what about the thousands of cosplayers out there?  Afterthe jump, take a look at their efforts in an awesome gallery of Nightcrawler cosplay.

Great detail on the face:


Even though this Nightcrawler may be missing a chromosome, he’s in the company of Lara Croft:


I would have gone with a lighter shade of blue.  Also, can you do something about that bulge?:


There’s something a bit too emo about this Nightcrawler.  He reminds me of that old wrestler, Raven:


If Rorschach and Nightcrawler had a child:


Wow.  Maybe this coplayer should have started drinking after applying makeup:


Not bad, but reminds me of Hellboy for some reason:


Nightcrawler chillin’ with Rogue and some common folk:


Taking the name quite literally.  I love the hands and feet:


Nightcrawler done got a sex change!:


Here with Mystique, Nightcrawler has a great, great face.  Love the detail:


Is this Zombie Nightcrawler?  He looks a bit like Michael Jackson in Thriller:


Not to be a dick, but is this Nightcrawler a man or woman.  It’s like Nightcrawler is the Peter Pan of cosplay:


This guy wins.  He’s even got lenses: