By Far the Best War Machine Costume of All Time

Iron Man

There’s Cosplay and then there’s Cosplay.  What this guy did is beyond Cosplay.  This guy nearly “cheated” and by cheated I simply mean he had real information on what Iron Man 2 did to form their costumes.  It’s really amazing.   And the guy isn’t even done yet.  All we have on him his Superhero Hype forum name and profile.

Check out the unfinished specs and pictures after the jump.

Spec’s so far
-Wrist rockets w/ laser v1.0completed
-Mini Gun simulated fire and drop lock system w/laser v1.0 completed
-Movie accurate Arch reactor v3.0
-Mid-section w/ movable plates v3.0
-“underwear armor” v2.0 Completed
-Leg’s/Pants armor v3.0 Completed
-Armor shoes v1.0 Completed
-Neck cover piece armor v2.0
Things still need completed
-Replusor gauntlets
-Upgraded helmet v7.0 w/ upgraded flip open/close hinge system
-lighted eyes “in progress”
-remote firing system “to shoot bottle rockets hehehe”
-replusor gauntlet top cover.
-Paint job with brush metal finish.


Iron Man

Iron Man

Iron Man

  • Lagrange

    omg, awesome. he’ll rock halloween.

  • Madison

    So impressive. Best I’ve seen since the Samus.

  • Xin


  • MacGyver1138

    I bet that’s costing him a pretty penny. I looked at a forum dedicated to costuming like this for Master Chief (,) and it is crazy how much money this kind of thing can cost. The people over there have some amazing costumes, too.

  • Anon E. Moose

    I’d make one of those, but with a fuckton of kevlar, for when I finally lose my mind and shoot up a mall.