Amazing Aerial Shots of Hobbit’s World During Filming

Peter Jackson has gone back to New Zealand to shoot The Hobbit.  It’s the latest and probably one of the most anticipated Jackson movies to date.    One of the things Jackson did so well in the LOTR trilogy was create magical worlds with the combination of exceptional scenery and obviously some computer magic.

He’s taking the same approach with The Hobbit.   Recently some great aerial shots were released of a Middle Earth that Jackson has cultivated for the film.

Check out the pics after the jump…..

Thanks to Dailymail for these shots

  • illeaturfamily

    well I’m pumped. I always wanted to live in the shire.

  • Janna

    According to the Production blogs (which are brilliant) I believe they have made Hobbiton permanent this time. Great thinking on whoever is in charge of tourism in New Zealand.

  • doctorjvalentine

    As a New Zealander, it’s awesome to see this on your site. This is just down the road! Cheers.