Alright New Zealand, Dial it Back a Notch


You know, I get that New Zealand has a lot of geek pride as the place where all the Lord of the Rings movies are/were filmed, but they’re going just a tad bit overboard with it at this point. Between their airports and now their weathermen, you really can’t think of the country at all at this point without hobbits and orcs coming to mind.

I guess that’s not a bad thing, but identifying an entire country by a singular movie series filmed there is a touch weird. Perhaps in America we’re just spoiled with thousands of movies shot here, but it seems a little strange to me.

But hey, all in good fun I suppose, and it’s your country, you can base your entire tourism industry around one thing if you want. Here’s a weatherman dressed as an elf doing the weather.

  • Frothy_Ham

    Well…it’s either this or the Flight of the Conchords route

  • Pedro

    Sooner or later if you say something bad about lord of the rings you mess with the whole new and old zealand

  • XenobaNZ

    Try living here, If I see or hear about one more frakn Hobbit I swear….

  • Mark Miller

    I’d just to point out that that was on one of our worst shows, previously receiving international attention because a presenter made racist comments about an important Indian Politician. This Weather man used to work on kids tv and often does stupid skits like this. We are proud of LOTR but this guy is pushing it.