Alright Bro, You Win the Right to Rock the Drive Costume

(click for full size)

Halloween is approaching in a month or so, and many are already planning out costumes that will make a splash both in real life, and the internet.

The Ryan Gosling Drive costume was one thought impossible to execute, and the legions who have tried before have shown that the jacket alone does not make you badass. In fact, it makes you a douche 99% of the time.

But the other 1%? That’s this guy, the only person I’ve seen to effectively pull off this look. He’s not a full-on face match for Gosling, but he’s pretty damn close, and is rocking the hair to perfection as well. Somehow, some way, he transcends douchebaggery and is actually…cool. Good work, nameless hero. I salute you.

  • Jack Baxter

    Actually, I’m going to go with douche for this one. But it is close, I’ll give him that.

  • Taylor

    Haha, this is my photo. I posted it for suggestions on how to improve the costume and it exploded on Reddit. Someone from there just sent me the link to this article. Glad to know you like it, man. Take care.

  • Chronos

    Very nicely done! Also, the fact that you kinda resemble Gosling doesn’t hurt. 😉

    If i can have only one suggestion – unpop the collar. Everyone and his mother know that popped collar can get you from zero to douche in no time.